5953993754279936 Siamei 詩雅美品 Kiehl's 強效去皺眼霜 [00300045] KIEHLS POWERFUL WRINKLE REDUCTING EYE CREAM 14ml [00300045] *Barcode:3605970365219* 蘊含微量營養素、PCA銅和PCA鈣 顯著改善皺紋和膚質,提升彈性 專為眼周細嫩肌膚而設 Product #: siamei-Kiehl's 強效去皺眼霜 [00300045] 2023-01-27 Regular price: $HKD$300.0 Available from: Siamei 詩雅美品In stock nice and good seller. Really helpful for answering questions about the products and delivery. The delivery is timely, just a week to arrive Australia. All items are nicely wrapped and protected. 5 1 5 2 2 5 1 5.0