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• 有關銀行或第三方貿易商於處理交易通道時發生故障,本公司將不承擔任何責任。 • 買家要求更改或取消訂單、付款出現異常而需要退款,買家須承擔銀行或第三方付款平台於處理交易的費用。 • 所有寄送服務均有風險 ( 包括損毀、遺失、延誤或意外盜竊等 ) 必須由買方承擔,本公司一概不會負責。 • 當 閣下收到商品七日內,發現並非是所選擇的商品,我們將為閣下提供更換服務 。 請保證商品的完好 (未開封,包裝膠紙或盒未被撕去 , 無任何人為損壞) ,如不符以上情況時 , 不能提供更換服務 。 • 如果商品存在品質問題 , 經確認後,我們將提供更換或退貨服務。 • 本公司將承擔所有商品更換及退貨衍生的運費。 • 如商品和 閣下訂購時選擇的無誤 , 並且不存在品質問題時 , 不能提供更換及退貨服務。 • 詩雅美品保留隨時更改及/或修訂條款及細則之權利。如有任何爭議,詩雅美品保留最終決定權及不可推翻。 • We will not be liable for any payment handling errors of the bank or third-parties. • The payment handling fee shall be deduced from refunds due to order modification / cancellation initiated by the buyer or payment abnormalities. • All shipping risks (including damage, loss, delay or theft) are borne by the buyer. • You may return the products within 7 days after receipt if incorrect products are dispatched. Please ensure the goods are in good condition (unopened and the packaging is unbroken). If the above conditions are not met, we reserve the right to refuse the exchange of products. • If there is a quality issue with the products, we will provide replacement or refund by return after confirmation. • All shipping costs for replacement and return of products will be borne by Siamei. • No replacement, return or refund will be provided if the products are neither incorrectly dispatched nor having quality issues. • Siamei reserves the sole right to vary and/or amend and/or alter these terms and conditions at any time. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of Siamei.