fresh 玫瑰保濕面膜 fresh ROSE FACE MASK 30ml [00200037]*Barcode:809280133909* 100ml [00200002]*Barcode:809280009037* Fresh 帶領「Binge Masking」潮流,透過不同次序和使用組合,輕鬆讓美肌功效Double Up!利用「維 Product #: siamei-fresh 玫瑰保濕面膜 2024-12-01 Regular price: $HKD$176.0 Available from: Siamei 詩雅美品In stock nice and good seller. Really helpful for answering questions about the products and delivery. The delivery is timely, just a week to arrive Australia. All items are nicely wrapped and protected. 5 1 5 9 9 5 1 5.0